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The Permanente Federation

The Permanente Medical Groups formed The Permanente Federation in 1997 to represent their shared interests. The Federation is the national leadership and consulting organization for these medical groups, which, together with the Kaiser Foundation Health Plans and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, comprise Kaiser Permanente.

We work on behalf of Permanente Medical Groups to optimize care delivery and spread Permanente Medicine — medicine that is person- and family-centered, compassionate, evidence-based, technology-enabled, culturally responsive, team delivered, and physician led. Based in Oakland, California, our mission is to serve and lead Permanente Medicine and the medical groups in support of Kaiser Permanente’s 12.5 million patients and members. We work to share new and better care practices and leading-edge protocols with other clinicians beyond our walls so that we can improve the health of all Americans.

Leadership teams

National Permanente Executive Committee

Each Permanente Medical Group is led by an executive medical director. The National Permanente Executive Committee serves as the national voice for the Permanente Medical Groups, and develops priorities and strategic direction for The Permanente Federation.

The committee comprises the executive medical directors of The Permanente Medical Group in Oakland, California, and the Southern California Permanente Medical Group; an executive medical director elected from Permanente Medical Groups beyond California; and the Federation’s chief operating officer and chief legal officer.

Maria Ansari, MD, FACC
Co-CEO, The Permanente Federation

Ramin Davidoff, MD
Co-CEO, The Permanente Federation

National Permanente Leadership Team

Key leaders of the Federation and several Permanente Medical Groups form the National Permanente Leadership Team, which oversees the national work that supports the Permanente Medical Groups.

Chris Grant

Chris Grant
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Anne Cadwell
Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Nolan Chang, MD
Executive Vice President of Strategy, Corporate Development, and Finance

Nancy Gin, MD, FACP
Executive Vice President and Chief Quality Officer

Brian Hoberman, MD
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Stephen Parodi, MD
Executive Vice President of External Affairs, Communications, and Brand

Katherine Saral
Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer

Highlights of our work

Clinical quality: We facilitate and support the sharing of evidence and best practices across the 8 Permanente Medical Groups, with the goal of delivering to all Kaiser Permanente members consistently high-quality care that meets the 6 Institute of Medicine aims: Safe, Timely, Effective, Efficient, Person-Centered, and Equitable. Learn more

Corporate development: We support Kaiser Permanente’s long-term growth goals by engaging with other organizations and external parties, and assessing potential relationships and transactions. We provide leadership in identifying, researching, analyzing, and executing on transactions with external parties, including acquisitions, affiliations, joint ventures, and other long-term relationships. Contact us

Public policy and government relations: Permanente physicians have an important voice in shaping the future of health care. We partner across the Permanente Medical Groups and with Kaiser Foundation Health Plan to ensure that Kaiser Permanente’s integrated care delivery model, high performance, and best practices are shared with policymakers, influencers, and industry peers to drive change that improves the care experience for our members and the communities we serve. For example, we advocate for the future model of advanced care at home. Learn more

Technology and innovation: Our technology is designed to support the care our Permanente physicians provide and to promote patients’ individual health and community health. Our information technology team works with the PMGs and the Kaiser Foundation Health Plans to select and implement technology that is appropriate for patients, based on evidence-based medicine, and able to function seamlessly across Kaiser Permanente. Learn more

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