The Permanente Journal

Published since 1997, The Permanente Journal is an independent, diamond open access medical journal, providing a forum for thought leadership, scholarship, and discovery. It is particularly focused on health care delivery and patient-centered medicine, including the understanding and studying of:

  • Integrated health delivery systems
  • Health care modeling and innovations
  • Value-based and high-value care
  • Applied research in health disparities
  • Equity, inclusion, and diversity in medicine

The journal encourages submissions in clinical medicine, especially discussions of care outcomes in a value-based health care environment. It delivers original research, case reports, reviews, commentaries, editorials, and other articles of interest to interdisciplinary care teams, clinical researchers, educators, and learners.

The Permanente Journal is published online every quarter with the support of The Permanente Federation. All articles undergo rigorous peer review by multiple qualified referees, are made available immediately, and are diamond open access. No fees are charged for accepted manuscripts. The journal is indexed in PubMed, PubMed Central, EBSCO, and Scopus.