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PermanenteDocs Chat on smart technology for health innovation


Wearable health devices allow clinicians to follow the health of patients without having to come in for an office visit. Smart technology have been incorporated in programs such as Kaiser Permanente’s in-home cardiac rehabilitation program where care teams can monitor vital statistics such as blood pressure. In this PermanenteDocs Chat, Tad Funahashi, MD, chief innovation and transformation officer at Kaiser Permanente in Southern California, shares more about the in-home program and other promising use of technology in health care, and what it means to be innovative in medicine. Learn also about his recent trip to Singapore and how he’s helping the government to transform its national health system, and Dr. Funahashi’s thoughts on Chat GPT. Watch or listen to the replay above.


  • Tad Funahashi, MD, orthopedic surgeon, Southern California Permanente Medical Group; and chief innovation and transformation officer, Kaiser Permanente Southern California.

Program notes

  • Reference to “Dr. Davidoff” is referring to Ramin Davidoff, MD, executive medical director and chair of the board, Southern California Permanente Medical Group.
  • Learn more about cardiac care provided by Permanente physicians.
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