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Ramin Davidoff, MD, named among 50 Most Influential Clinical Executives of 2024 by Modern Healthcare


Co-CEO of The Permanente Federation honored for leadership efforts to alleviate physician shortages, advocate for value-based care, and improve clinical quality

OAKLAND, Calif. (June 11, 2024) The Permanente Federation today announced that Ramin Davidoff, MD, co-CEO of The Permanente Federation, has been named to Modern Healthcare’s 2024 list of 50 Most Influential Clinical Executives. Dr. Davidoff was recognized for providing strategic leadership of the Permanente Medical Groups, which are using technology to create care delivery innovations. These innovations include hospital-at-home supported by remote patient monitoring and augmented intelligence, which uses artificial intelligence to empower workers rather than replace them. Permanente Medical Groups are also working to reduce clinicians’ administrative burdens through AI-enabled tools.

The recognition honors licensed clinicians in executive roles who are chosen by their peers and the senior editors of Modern Healthcare for paving the way to better health through their executive responsibility, leadership qualities, innovation, community service and achievements inside and outside of their respective organizations.

“This has been a year of exceptional innovation and transformation by our Permanente physicians as we leverage science, data and technology to help identify and treat disease effectively across our medical groups,” Dr. Davidoff said. “We’ve employed technology to build a team-based approach to care that enables physicians and other clinicians to practice at the top of their license. This honor recognizes our physicians and care teams and demonstrates how integrated, value-based care enables us to deliver nation-leading, high-quality health care to our patients and provides an evidence-based system of care that is more responsive, coordinated, equitable and sustainable than traditional fee-for-service models.”

Dr. Davidoff, along with Federation co-CEO Maria Ansari, MD, FACC, leads the work of the self-governed, physician-led Permanente Medical Groups, whose more than 24,000 physicians deliver evidence-based care to 12.6 million Kaiser Permanente members in 8 states and the District of Columbia. 

Dr. Davidoff also serves as executive medical director and chair of the board, Southern California Permanente Medical Group, chair of the board and CEO, The Southeast Permanente Medical Group in Georgia and chair of the board and CEO, Hawaii Permanente Medical Group. The Permanente Medical Groups, with Kaiser Foundation Health Plans and Hospitals, comprise Kaiser Permanente. In addition, Dr. Davidoff is a board member of the Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine.

The award pays tribute to Dr. Davidoff for implementing programs within the Southern California Permanente Medical Group that address clinician burnout and enhance physician recruitment. It also recognizes his advocacy on Capitol Hill to protect and advance value-based care, a model that emphasizes and rewards healthy outcomes, clinician performance and patient experience.

Examples of recent transformational innovations under Dr. Davidoff’s strategic leadership include: 

  • Leveraging data and augmented intelligence to improve care and reduce administrative tasks so physicians can focus on more time with their patients.  
  • Improving clinical quality by advancing cancer care, including the: 
    • Launch of a National Cancer Expert Review Program, providing expert physician consults for 11 cancer types through a service unique to Kaiser Permanente’s 12.6 million members  
    • Adoption of 154 national oncology drug treatment pathways to ensure all patients receive consistent, expert-level care and a new electronic ordering capability for molecular genomic tests  
    • Integration of precision medicine and genomics into routine care to close care gaps in screening for members with genetic disorders  
    • Deployment of a genomics module and laboratory data interfaces in Hawaii, Georgia and Southern California, providing a strong foundation for clinical decision support tools for more than 9,000 Permanente physicians 
  • Enhancing Belong@KP, Kaiser Permanente’s anti-racism, anti-bias national equity, inclusion and diversity education initiative. This included a 1-day immersive experience that received over 70% participation by Permanente executives. 
  • Screening for health-related social needs. More than 2.6 million Kaiser Permanente members have been screened for social health vulnerabilities and 350,000 members have connected to social health resources through a community resource directory 

Additional Kaiser Permanente leaders on the Modern Healthcare 2024 list include Jaewon Ryu, MD, JD. Dr. Ryu is CEO of Risant Health, a new national network for value-based care created in 2023 by Kaiser Foundation Hospitals. 

The complete list of honorees and their profiles are available at 50 Most Influential Clinical Executives – 2024 | Modern Healthcare and in the June 10 issue of Modern Healthcare magazine. A digital subscription is required to view the online profiles.  

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