Permanente Medicine Podcast cover featuring Chris Grant and Stephen Parodi, MD

Podcast: Moving from pandemic to endemic for COVID-19


Stephen Parodi, MD, shares what shifting from pandemic to endemic means for COVID-19 response


In a special feature episode of the Permanente Medicine Podcast, host Chris Grant shares an American Medical Association interview with Permanente physician leader Stephen Parodi, MD, from its COVID-19 Update. Speaking with senior AMA chief experience officer Todd Unger, Dr. Parodi, associate executive director of The Permanente Medical Group, discusses the factors that signal a shift from pandemic to endemic.

Dr. Parodi, who also serves as a national infectious disease leader for Kaiser Permanente, speaks to the medical and scientific advancements in addressing coronavirus, the challenges that remain, and how health systems can prepare for the shift. He also shares how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent COVID-19 guidance represents a step in the right direction.

We’re measuring based on hospitalizations and the number of people populating intensive care units related to COVID-19, and that’s following the science because of the effectiveness we’re seeing with vaccines.

— Stephen Parodi, MD

Note: You can read a full transcript of the interview with Dr. Parodi on the AMA website.

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