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Tweetcap: Physicians lean on research, science to combat COVID misinformation


As health care systems across the nation continue to flex in the face of COVID-19, medical experts are combatting misinformation around vaccination and the virus. In many cases, these inaccuracies exacerbate doubts and divisions around implementing best practices for ending the pandemic.

To help support a unified front, physicians are coming together to share research, numbers, and science that can help individuals make informed health decisions. By assisting the public in sorting fact from fiction, doctors across the country are empowering communities to act in their best interest.

Permanente physician leaders play an important role in this process, bringing topics such as COVID-19 vaccine safety to the forefront of conversation …




… at the same time, Permanente doctors are publicly flagging misinformation while promoting facts grounded in science …



… physician peers from outside Kaiser Permanente are also coming together to dispel inaccuracies and highlight important COVID vaccine findings …




… and the nation’s leading health agencies continue to support these efforts by sharing their recommendations for helping our country work toward achieving and end to the pandemic.



Additional information and guidelines around COVID-19 vaccination can be found on

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