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Ramin Davidoff, MD, on the benefits of integrated, value-based care


Headshot of Ramin Davidoff, MD
Ramin Davidoff, MD

Ramin Davidoff, MD, co-CEO of The Permanente Federation, joined The CEO Show to discuss how Kaiser Permanente’s integrated care model stands out by prioritizing primary and preventative care, fostering highly coordinated care teams, and taking a value-based approach to care.

Kaiser Permanente’s integrated care and coverage differs from many other systems that rely on disparate and disconnected clinical practices using a fee-for-service payment model. The health plan, medical groups, and hospitals work together, committed to coordinated, high-quality care for members.

“Physicians are empowered to practice medicine and emphasize prevention in a capitated, prepaid model with aligned incentives to provide high-quality, affordable care,” said Dr. Davidoff, who also serves as executive medical director and chair of the board for the Southern California Permanente Medical Group. In addition, Dr. Davidoff serves as chair of the board and CEO of both The Southeast Permanente Medical Group and Hawaii Permanente Medical Group.

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He noted that without the need for prior authorization, doctors are truly in charge of patient care. They’re empowered to practice medicine and make decisions in consultation with patients and their families without asking for permission.

Dr. Davidoff also reinforced the importance of the movement to value-based care for patients and the broader health care system. With value-based care, Permanente physicians focus on providing the right care at the right time to patients to keep them healthy and thriving.

“In systems that are not like ours, the driver of the majority of work that happens is more and more touchpoints,” he said. “Our focus is providing value and resolving issues with the fewest possible touchpoints.”

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Kaiser Permanente’s model places an emphasis on and incentivizes prevention in both primary and specialty care, keeping patients healthy and addressing concerns before they advance to serious problems.

“[As a urologist], I manage urologic issues all the time, but I also make sure that my patients get flu vaccinations,” said Dr. Davidoff. “What we have is a system that allows our physicians to provide that care with the best intentions for patients’ ultimate health outcomes.”

Dr. Davidoff touched on the need to shift administrative work to other members of the team, so physicians can “truly focus on patient care, establish treatment plans, execute them, and develop trusting relationships with our patients.”

Note: Listen to the full interview at The CEO Show.

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