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Joining forces to address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy


Marcus C. Griffith, MD, offers insights on connecting with vaccine-hesitant people of color

In a special feature episode of the Permanente Medicine Podcast, host Chris Grant shares an American Medical Association interview from its Moving Medicine podcast with Permanente physician Marcus C. Griffith, MD. In a conversation with senior AMA news writer Sara Berg, Dr. Griffith, a psychiatrist and obesity medicine physician with The Southeast Permanente Medical Group, details the need for a unified effort among medical professionals around combatting COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy.

Dr. Griffith shares his work to address COVID-19 vaccine concerns through community and empathy. His work in this area began about 2 years ago when he helped The Southeast Permanente Medical Group with its flu campaign to address long-standing vaccine hesitancy in communities of color. With the onset of the pandemic, this work transitioned to speaking with historically marginalized racial and ethnic groups — such as Black, Hispanic, and Native American populations — about COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy.

We have to try to do all we can to encourage our docs to be open-minded and not be judgmental about those who don’t get vaccinated, and then try to use your relationship with them to get them vaccinated.”

— Marcus C. Griffith, MD

Note: You can read a full transcript of the interview with Dr. Griffith on the AMA website.

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