Wendolyn Gozansky, MD, discusses Kaiser Permanente’s approach to Complex Needs in Healthcare Informatics

Wendolyn Gozansky, MD

The Kaiser Permanente Care Management Institute (CMI) and the National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs hosted a webinar this week focused on innovation in caring for patients with complex needs, which was featured in an article published today in Healthcare Informatics.

The article, “Kaiser Creating Evidence-Based Complex Care Models,” notes that the center recently published a “Blueprint for Complex Care” and CMI, which is a joint endeavor between the Permanente Medical Groups and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, has established Complex Needs as one of its national quality initiatives.

Wendolyn Gozansky, MD, vice president and chief quality officer, Colorado Permanente Medical Group, was one of the webinar speakers. The article quotes Gozansky talking about Permanente Medicine’s approach to value-based care and how that allows the organization to provide “preference-aligned” care for patients. “It is a virtuous cycle about value and person-centered care. This is what our complex needs team is trying to understand,” Dr. Gozansky said.

Mark Humowiecki, senior director of the National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs, joined Dr. Gozansky on the webinar to discuss key tenets of the Blueprint, including how more standardization around quality metrics, an organized research community and engaged stakeholders nationally will be key to advancing innovations in the field of complex care.

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