Stephen Parodi, MD, shows value of coordination and prevention in cancer care


Stephen Parodi, MD, associate executive director, The Permanente Medical Group, and executive vice president, The Permanente Federation, recently highlighted the value of Kaiser Permanente’s integrated care system for cancer patients as part of the Self-Insurance Institute of America’s 39th annual Nation Educational Conference & Expo in San Francisco.

The presentation, highlighted in Global Banking & Finance Review, focused on how improved coordination among health care professionals can lead to better patient outcomes for cancer detection and treatment. Dr. Parodi, who is also chairman of the Council of Accountable Physician Practices, shared multiple examples of how coordinated care helped improve cancer survivorship.

He concluded his presentation by proposing that employers should leverage clinicians to display data on population outcomes, demonstrate the effectiveness of cancer care programs, and collaborate on approaches aimed at improving survivorship and quality of life for employees with cancer.

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