Stephen Parodi, MD, says reinstituting interventions needed to reduce COVID-19 spread in California


Citing record numbers of COVID-19 cases in California’s hospital system – including 800 patients hospitalized at Kaiser Permanente medical centers in California – Stephen Parodi, MD, told CNN International yesterday that it’s time to reinstate some of the coronavirus safety measures that had been lifted in recent weeks.

“We’re seeing record numbers of calls into our call center, which tells me that we’re still seeing increased amounts of transmission in the communities,” said Dr. Parodi, associate executive director of The Permanente Medical Group in Northern California. “From my standpoint as a physician, as an infectious disease specialist, it is time to reinstitute a number of those interventions that we had done actually effectively two months ago to reduce the spread of this disease.”

Asked whether he’d like to see more concrete help or symbolic help from federal leaders, Dr. Parodi indicated the need for both.

“At a fundamental level, modeling the behavior that we want people to do is critically important,” he said. “Really, using that bully pulpit is key to leading the way. The second thing is concrete action: getting help like the mayors have been asking for over the last couple of days when it comes to supplies, appropriate staffing, transfers of patients. That requires a level of coordination where the federal and state authorities need to be working together.”

Watch the full interview in the video below.