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SCPMG Peer-led EHR Training a Step Toward Physician Wellness


One of the challenges for physicians in today’s technology-driven world is keeping up with patient records that are part of a health care organization’s electronic health record (EHR). The AMA Wire last week published a story highlighting how the Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG) offers peer-led EHR training to help doctors efficiently manage their time when using the technology.

Dawn Clark, MD

The article, “Peer-led EHR training saves physicians’ scarcest resource: time,” highlights the SCPMG educational program, called Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect Essentials (KP HCE), which employs physician “super users” to train colleagues on navigating the organization’s EHR. By helping doctors save time and manage their workload, the program helps address SCPMG’s overall efforts to improve physician wellness.

“Not only do the folks love it, believe it saves them time and makes them better, but they truly appreciate the investment of the organization in them as human beings,” Dawn Clark, MD, an ob/gyn is quoted as saying. Dr. Clark serves as SCPMG’s chief wellness officer.

The training includes three days of “protected time,” when doctors have no patient responsibilities. They can also receive certified medical education credit for the classes.

To read the complete story, visit the AMA Wire.

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