Permanente psychiatrist Greg Simon, MD, helps explain situational depression


Health Magazine recently discussed situational depression and asked experts to help readers understand the condition and how to treat it.

Greg Simon, MD, MPH, a psychiatrist with Washington Permanente Medical Group, told Health that situational depression occurs after a life event – such as job loss, death of a loved one, or serious illness diagnosis – that leaves the person feeling stressed or upset.

“Some people are much more vulnerable to depression because of their genetics or life experiences following stress or traumatic events,” Dr. Simon said. “It’s a combination of vulnerability and experience.”

Treatment can be a combination of psychotherapy early on and drugs, depending on the severity. Dr. Simon said those with situational depression often recognize it and seek help, which is why they’re open to talking and respond better to counseling. “They’re more likely to be helped that way, and not likely to require medication,” he said.

Note: Read the full story on the Health site.