Permanente physicians in the news – March 2023


Permanente physicians provide expertise on a variety of topics in news media reports. The following are samples of recent physician newsmakers.

Week ending March 10

  • Stephen Parodi, MD, infectious disease physician and associate medical director, The Permanente Medical Group, discussed the importance of preventive coverage under the Affordable Care Act, including coverage for medications like pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) used to prevent HIV infection. Dr. Parodi was commenting on a pending lawsuit that challenges the legality of the preventive care requirements of the ACA in this AMA News report.
  • Jamal Rana, MD, cardiologist, The Permanente Medical Group; and chief of Cardiology, Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center, commented on a story about alternatives to popular statins used to manage cholesterol for patients at risk for heart attacks and stroke in The Wall Street Journal.
  • Bruce Wollman, MD, radiologist and associate medical director for Government Relations, Radiation Oncology, Pharmacy, and Pathology at Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group, answered questions about how the medical group put a system in place that allowed for faster response to patients about their results of mammogram screenings for breast cancer, helping to ease the minds of patients anxiously waiting for results, in this AMA News report.