Pat Conolly, MD, Touts Kaiser Permanente’s Digital Engagement with Patients in CNBC Story

Pat Conolly
Pat Conolly, MD

CNBC reported Saturday on the use of telemedicine by health care organizations, and quoted Pat Conolly, MD, The Permanente Federation’s chief information officer, on Kaiser Permanente’s successful engagement of patients through secure messaging with their personal physicians and virtual video visits.

The online article, “Health-care insurers are beefing up their apps to make you like them more,” highlighted how health care organizations are using technology to reduce costs and improve care for patients. At Kaiser Permanente, the article spotlighted our electronic health system that allows patients to email their doctors, and on our increasing use of video visits.

The article quotes Dr. Conolly, executive vice president of information technology at the Federation and an associate executive director with The Permanente Medical Group, as saying that he examples of secure emailing and video visits support “greater engagement between the patient and doctor.” She adds: “Every opportunity to connect and reinforce recommendations or answer questions adds up to hopefully better adherence and hopefully better outcomes.”

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