Nancy Gin, MD, urges people to be cautious, candid about behaviors as states reopen


Nancy Gin, MD, recently told Healthline that it is important for people to be careful and candid about where they’ve been and where they are going now that they’re doing some “cautious toe dipping” in public settings as states reopen.

Nancy Gin, MD

“It’s an important element to nourish their souls by being with those they love,” said Dr. Gin, who is executive vice president and chief quality officer of The Permanente Federation.

To do so safely means people have to be honest about their behaviors, such as whether they’ve been around other people, she said. This is especially important if they are in contact with vulnerable people, including the elderly and those who are immunocompromised. Above all, people need to avoid others if they are not feeling well.

And while it may be a healthy expression of First Amendment rights to demonstrate in support of communities who experience ongoing systemic oppression, some people may forget that we’re in a global pandemic by failing to practice social distancing or wear face masks.

“We live in a society that does not have a good attention span,” Dr. Gin said. “We are nowhere near the herd immunity we need.”

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