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Nancy Gin, MD, tells Modern Healthcare that reporting focus should remain on quality

Nancy Gin, MD

While the federal government’s temporary pause on quality reporting during the COVID-19 pandemic may provide an opportunity to reevaluate and streamline its requirements, such streamlining should ultimately contribute to quality outcomes for patients, Nancy Gin, MD, said in a recent interview with Modern Healthcare.

“We want to make sure that in the spirit of streamlining, that as a nation we are not taking a step back from our focus on quality,” said Dr. Gin, executive vice president and chief quality officer with The Permanente Federation. Dr. Gin is also the Southern California Permanente Medical Group’s medical director of quality and clinical analysis.

According to the story, experts agree that the primary goal should be to get useful information, not to streamline reporting. For example, clinicians and health systems need more information about improving the quality and value of the care they deliver.

Note: To read the full article, visit the Modern Healthcare site (subscription may be required).

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