Nancy Gin, MD, and Joshua Mansour, MD, discuss coronavirus prevention and treatment with Healthline


Nancy Gin, MD, medical director of quality and clinical analysis for Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG), shared her insights on “flattening the curve” of  the coronavirus outbreak in a recent Healthline article. The story, “Washing Hands, Staying Home, and Flattening the Curve with COVID-19 Explained,” focused on how communities are adjusting to new orders and recommendations geared toward combatting the spread of COVID-19.

Dr. Gin, who also serves as chief quality officer for The Permanente Federation, discussed how taking steps to help prevent everyone from falling ill at the same time are of critical importance right now. Precautions such as limiting in-person interactions and increased handwashing are recommended to slow the rate of transmission and avoid putting additional strain on the health care system.

“People need to realize their actions now determine how this will affect the community,” Dr. Gin told Healthline. “The thing for me is that as a society, it is our duty to look after people at higher risk and protect them.”

In a separate Healthline story, Joshua Mansour, MD, clinical oncologist with SCPMG, offered his expertise on how individuals with mild COVID-19 symptoms can take care of themselves at home. According to the article, “What Experts Say You Can Do to Treat Yourself at Home If You Have a Mild Case of COVID-19,” having the right supplies on hand can go a long way toward treating symptoms associated with the virus.

“Some of the methods of treatment in the case of a high or low fever that is causing discomfort include cooling blankets, ice packs, and over-the-counter medications [taken according to package directions],” Dr. Mansour said.

He added that people should contact a health care professional for additional advice if a fever remains high or symptoms are causing discomfort.

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