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Ken Robinson, MD, Highlights Time-Saving Benefits of SCPMG’s EHR Training Program

Ken Robinson, MD

Southern California Permanente Medical Group’s (SCPMG’s) training on using Kaiser Permanente’s electronic health record (EHR) – the largest private EHR in the world – saves physicians precious time and increases their efficiency, says Ken Robinson, MD, who leads SCPMG’s EHR work, in an interview published this week in Part B News.

The article, “Adopt standalone EHR training to save providers precious time,” notes that SCPMG began EHR training in earnest in 2014 in response to physicians who were frustrated with the burden associated with using an EHR. After broadening a peer-led education series to reach as many of the physician group’s 7,000 doctors as possible, physicians who received the training shaved more than 40 minutes off their day. The resulting efficiencies reduced one of the biggest challenges physicians face in their daily work, and enabled them to spend more face time with patients.

The article states that post-training satisfaction with the program is nearly unanimous, with more than 95 percent of participants stating that they would recommend the training to their peers.

To read the entire story, visit the Part B News website.

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