JAMA Editorial Focuses Attention on Fall Prevention


Eric B. Larson, MD, executive director of the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, wrote an editorial accompanying the latest JAMA study about preventing falls among seniors, saying it is the most comprehensive study to date.

Referring to research led by Andrea Tricco, PhD, Dr. Larson writes: “Clinicians who treat individual patients, as well as those responsible for population health, can use the results reported by Tricco et al to improve care by reducing fall-related injuries.”

Dr. Larson also writes about recommendations – supported by the study results – that include encouraging exercise and physical activity among seniors and suggesting that health care organizations use “implementation science” to change a system’s approach to preventing falls among patients. “Knowledge about effective implementation can inform health care entities aspiring to become learning health systems—i.e., organizations in which research improves practice and practice informs research.”

Visit the JAMA website to read the full editorial.