Infectious Disease Expert Stephen Parodi, MD, Explains Sore Throat Symptoms in Prevention

Stephen Parodi, MD

Prevention magazine today published an article talking to several experts about the various types of sore throats. Doctors quoted in the article, “6 Possible Reasons for Your Sore Throat,” included Stephen Parodi, MD, an infectious disease physician with The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG), which provides care to Kaiser Permanente members in Northern California.

Dr. Parodi, a TPMG associate executive director and executive vice president with The Permanente Federation, explained the differences between infectious and non-infectious cases of sore throats. Infectious cases can be caused by viral or bacterial infections while non-infectious are inflammation or irritation caused by other factors such as allergies or smoking.

The article offers tips on how to soothe your throat, depending on the type of sore throat, and advice on when to see your personal physician. A related article published on July 26, 2018, adds more perspective on how tea can help to soothe a sore throat.

To read the complete article, visit the Prevention site.

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