Don Mordecai, MD, shares advice for building emotional resilience in a pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant emotional distress for many individuals coping with a new and unfamiliar reality. In a recent interview with Fast Company, Don Mordecai, MD, psychiatrist with The Permanente Medical Group and Kaiser Permanente national leader for mental and behavioral health, shared that learning how to navigate through these emotions is critical for supporting one’s mental health.

Don Mordecai, MD

“Constant feelings of anxiety and stress can cause mental health issues such as depression,” Dr. Mordecai said in “6 ways to build emotional resiliency in uncertain times.” “So, it’s more important than ever to prioritize taking care of one’s emotional well-being.”

Emotional resilience is key for coping with feelings of distress, which can be constant, Dr. Mordecai said in the article. He added that becoming stronger emotionally goes beyond recovering from an immediate challenge that presents itself.

“It’s about becoming stronger and better equipped for the next challenge,” he said. “Challenges happen in everyone’s life, but how you view these experiences can make a big difference in how well you feel on the other side.”

The story suggests using tools such as mindfulness, exercise, and setting daily intentions to help support better emotional resilience.

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