Deborah A. Cohen, MD, offers tips for healthier eating in The Washington Post


During this time of social distancing and quarantining because of COVID-19, many people are examining how they can make healthy adjustments to their daily routines. On this front, practicing good nutrition is key.

In a recent article in The Washington Post, Deborah A. Cohen, MD, a research scientist with the Southern California Permanente Medical Group, helped outline a few strategies to successfully maintain a healthy diet.

Dr. Cohen, who works in the Division of Behavioral Health at Kaiser Permanente’s Southern California Department of Research and Evaluation, points to portion control as an essential component of eating well. She is currently working with restaurants to put more meals on menus that are under 700 calories. Her efforts focus on changing portion sizes, not recipes, to help people eat lighter.

To encourage healthier meal preparation, Dr. Cohen is also developing a pilot program to deliver families an entire week’s meal plan and groceries. The program aims to eliminate unhealthy supermarket shopping temptations while helping families who participate in the program plan more nutritious meals.

In total, The Washington Post article offers 5 strategies for bridging the gap between what people know is healthy and taking realistic actions to improve their nutrition.

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