David Grossman, MD, discusses how Kaiser Permanente sets an example in firearm injury prevention research

David Grossman, MD

In a recent Modern Healthcare article, David Grossman, MD, senior investigator at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle, shares his insights on the $2 million investment Kaiser Permanente has made in identifying best practices for clinicians to help prevent injuries and death from guns.  

The investment will go toward up to 5 research projects aimed at advancing firearm injury prevention research. Any work funded for such research will focus on developing interventions that are scalable throughout Kaiser Permanente and can be incorporated within the care delivery system, according to Dr. Grossman, senior associate medical director with the Washington Permanente Medical Group 

“Ultimately the care providers know best what is likely to take root and be feasible with our health system,” says Dr. Grossman in the article, “Kaiser Permanente a leader in hospital industry self-funded gun violence research.” 

In January, Kaiser Permanente sent out calls for research proposals to its 8 regional research centers. The initiative received several responses, which are under final review. Funding selections are anticipated within the next month and an announcement on grant awards is expected before July.  

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