Transform care delivery — and your career — with leadership opportunities

To ensure that we deliver the highest quality of care possible for our patients, we determined that our medical groups had to be led by physicians.

It starts with care teams: Our physicians lead and collaborate with clinicians to determine the best course of care for our patients and members. Physician leadership lets us focus solely on doing what’s right for our patients — and avoid distractions, such as seeking permission from outside entities to deliver needed care.

Many other expanded leadership opportunities await you. Each of the Permanente Medical Groups develops and promotes physician leaders from among their ranks, and they direct care delivery at every level of care operations and within every specialty. Experienced physician leaders may move across our Permanente Medical Groups or to national leadership positions as well.

Uniquely, Permanente physicians also lead all management functions of their medical groups, supported by non-clinical partners. These functions include managing staff, recruitment, external affairs, communications, quality and safety, compliance, strategy and policy, information technology, and finance, among others.

Our medical groups are led by an executive medical director, each of whom is a Permanente physician who is ultimately responsible for the success of our care delivery.

If you’re excited and driven to make an impact on how to improve and spread our unique approach to care and care delivery, we’d like to meet you.