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Brigid McCaw, MD, Discusses Intimate Partner Violence Screening for Women

Brigid McCaw, MD, MPH, MS

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force this past week released its recommendations, which includes clinicians screen all women of reproductive age for intimate partner violence. A U.S. News & World Report story on the task force’s recommendations interviewed clinical experts on the best way to screen for physician and sexual violence.

The article, Women Should Be Screened for Intimate Partner Violence, U.S. Panel Advises,” interviews Brigid McCaw, MD, MPH, MS, medical director of the Family Violence Prevention Program for The Permanente Medical Group and national lead for family violence workgroup across the organization. Dr. McCaw says women appreciate their doctors asking if they’ve struggled with family violence.

“I’ve had some people be surprised that a doctor cared and was interested in that part of her life, but that’s much less so now,” she says in the article. At Kaiser Permanente, intimate partner violence is a routine screening measure during primary care visits.

Dr. McCaw also encourages clinicians to go beyond the question and to provide support, which includes community resources and referrals, and followup.

To read the complete article, visit the U.S. News & World Report site.

Also read Dr. McCaw’s column: “Health Care Innovations to Address Domestic Violence.”

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