Richard Isaacs, MD, FACS, and Chris Grant cite 5 disruptive trends in health care

With a new decade in full swing, structural innovation and promising technologies are paving the way for transformation in the health care space. Richard S. Isaacs, MD, FACS, CEO and executive director of The Permanente Medical Group and co-CEO of The Permanente Federation; and Chris Grant, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Federation, recently co-wrote an opinion piece on examining 5 disruptive trends for 2020 that they predict will transform and eventually improve health care in America.

The trends include value-driven health care; personalized care and convenience; platforms, data, and technology; maximizing technology and data to expand care delivery and education; and shifting care delivery from hospitals to homes.

“While the U.S. spends more on health care per person than other wealthy countries, its health outcomes are no better than those in other developed countries,” wrote Dr. Isaacs and Grant about the current state of U.S. health care.

The disruptive health care trends referenced by the two leaders stand to be an ongoing topic of conversation with concerns over cost, quality, and access to care taking center stage during the 2020 presidential election.

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