Stephen Parodi, MD, outlines 5 ways for policymakers to improve health care

Stephen Parodi, MD

Looking forward to 2019, Stephen Parodi, MD, chairman of the board, Council of Accountable Physician Practices, writes in MedPage Today on what needs to be done to transform the U.S. care delivery system so Americans get the health care they need and deserve.

In the article, “What Clinicians Need From Policymakers – 5 ways to improve healthcare,” Dr. Parodi writes that “to improve the health care industry’s quality and costs, we need a true ‘system,’ with coordinated care delivered by teams linked by technology that closes the gaps in our current fragmented structure.”

Dr. Parodi – who is also associate executive director, The Permanente Medical Group, and an executive vice president with The Permanente Federation – lists 5 steps toward a better system, including the following:

  1. More value-based care
  2. Interoperability
  3. Balance digital communications and in-person care
  4. Address high drug prices
  5. Setting standards to measure quality care

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