Elyse Weinstein, MD, shares expertise on dealing with postpartum depression

Elyse Weinstein, MD

In a recent Parents magazine article, Elyse Weinstein, MD, is cited on managing anxiety as part of dealing with postpartum depression. The story, “The 10 Most Common Postpartum Depression Symptoms, According to Moms,” gathers insights from multiple medical experts who help shed light on the realities of postpartum depression and how it affects new mothers.

According to Dr. Weinstein, a psychiatrist with The Permanente Medical Group and co-chair of the Mental Health Department for Kaiser Permanente in San Rafael, California, it’s quite common for new mothers to have intense feelings of anxiousness and panic. This can be attributed to hormonal fluctuations following the birth, as well as the effects and responsibilities of bringing a new life into the world.

The article states that postpartum depression impacts as many as 10% to 20% of new mothers, and briefly affects about 70% to 80% of new mothers in a less severe form referred to as the “baby blues.” In addition to anxiety, other symptoms of postpartum depression that the article delves into include loss of interest in hobbies or activities, irritability and mood swings, frequent crying episodes, anger and rage, feeling disconnected from your baby, intense guilt, lack of or too much sleep, changes in appetite, and feelings of hopelessness and isolation.

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