CBS Interactive interviews Stephen Parodi, MD, on vaccine safety and distribution

In a recent interview with CBS Interactive, Stephen Parodi, MD, said the Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and researchers have taken multiple steps, including independent reviews, to ensure that a recently approved COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective.

Stephen Parodi, MD

“It’s why, actually, providers like Kaiser Permanente are willing to administer it, and we’re going to be part of the monitoring process,” said Dr. Parodi, associate executive director of The Permanente Medical Group. “In fact, we were part of the vaccine trials, so we have confidence that the trials were done appropriately and safely.”

Dr. Parodi, national infectious disease leader at Kaiser Permanente, said the most vulnerable populations and the health care workforce would be among the first vaccinated.

While initial vaccine distribution “is going to be a little bumpy” because of limited supplies, Dr. Parodi said, “We expect over the coming months that we’re going to be able to vaccinate aggressively and effectively.”

Dr. Parodi also stressed the need for ongoing precautions to prevent further spread of COVID-19, such as avoiding travel over the holidays. He said that travel over the Thanksgiving holiday is one reason for the major spike in COVID-19 cases occurring now across the country.

For anyone who absolutely must travel, he added, “Wearing the mask when you’re around people who you don’t typically hang out with in your household is critical, and in the place where you’re visiting, [so is] keeping your distance literally more than 6 feet if at all possible.”

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